Client & Dispatch Solution

TrackIT Logistics has been built to cater for all of the diverse needs of our clients, their dispatch teams, and the crew out in the field. Our platform includes a vast range of easy-to-use features (that won’t overwhelm you), with a design that enables efficient and well-informed operations for all stakeholders.

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Dispatch teams need to know the trucks they have available to them, and their capabilities, so they can send the right resources to the right places. TrackIT Logistics offers all the functionalities your team needs.

Truck listings
Loading weights
Truck summaries

Business Administration

Being able to track who you are working with, and how, is a critical part of any effective management system. TrackIT Logistics allows you to store, track and access all of this key information, including internal staff, suppliers and external parties.

Business partners
Grouping of business partners
Crew management
Supplier management
Docket book assignments
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Locations and Grades Management

Core data management is catered for, allowing everyone to access the consistent and accurate information that your business relies on.

OPIDs (Operating Areas)
Lead Distances

Date Management

The ability to cater reports and planning around your actual production dates is a key feature of TrackIT Logistics, allowing you to maximise efficiency.

Working dates
Crew production planning calendars

Stock Management

In order for you to make informed decisions, TrackIT Logistics uses real-time data feeds from crew applications and transporters. This allows you to manage stock in the field, along with preparation of transport orders for the dispatch teams to organise fulfilment of stock and loads.

Stock on landings
Loads ready for uplift
Production planning targets and estimates
Client order management
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Docket Management

From creating new dockets, to the assignment of globally unique eDocket numbers, TrackIT Logistics can handle both automated and manual docket management, and the error checking and verification workflows to ensure accurate load tracking.

Docket books and bush dockets
Verification processes
Docket reports
Docket import and export
Automated Port notifications for incoming dockets

Fulfillment Planning

TrackIT Logistics contains all of the dispatch planning tools your teams need, to both know what needs to go where and by when, but also easy visual tools to enable efficient forecasting and assignment of loads.

Uplift planning
Truck and fleet scheduling
Truck plan report
Crew schedules
Transport scheduling
Loads for the day per client

Verification Processes

Data is made available from and to multiple third party sources, for example from port operations, and third party invoicing and load checking tools, which all help to verify and ensure that you have proven accurate data between all stakeholders.

JAS load information import and checking
Packaging of dockets to send to clients, and tracking of sent dockets

Crews Application

Your crew are empowered with a mobile application that not only allows them to report on stocks in the field, but also to monitor loading processes and pick-ups, view loads being picked up and to sign off and verify assignments with precision and ease.

Fully offline capable
Secure authentication
Ability to enter stock levels daily
Ability to review loads coming in and out of landings
Ability to track and map incoming and outgoing transport
Realtime data sync