Transport Solution

TrackIT Logistics isn’t just another transport software solution, we were born to meet the needs of transportation providers. Our platform is designed to streamline and manage your workflow seamlessly, all while maintaining complete transparency for your valued customers. We’ve built in easy-to-use features to ensure your data is accurate and available in real time, throughout every step of the journey.

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Truck Management

Ensure you know everything about your fleet, its current permits, truck and trailer combinations, and any other specifics around loaders (including self loading, your own loaders or others).

Detailed management of truck and trailer configurations
Tare and Permit management
Loader management


From RUC and COF reminders through to knowing which parts are for which truck or trailer, including what current faults need scheduled for repair or further investigation. TrackIT Logistics has all bases covered to keep your fleet running smoothly with maximum efficiency.

Faults and servicing management and scheduling
Fault images for fast diagnosis and reporting by service teams
Parts management
Truck servicing management and workshop planning
Work order management
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TrackIT Logistics includes tools to manage hubbos, RUC calculations (including off road distances), and also the ability to complete pre-start checks on vehicles prior to starting each day. You can rest assured knowing your resources are safe and ready for the tasks ahead.

Truck listings
Odometer checking
Loading weights
Truck summaries
Prestart checking
Hubbometer management
Road user charges
Offroad tracking

Business Administration

No transport management system is complete without being able to manage contacts, and this includes suppliers, clients, drivers and staff. TrackIT Logistics ensures you stay well informed about your connections and business relationships and their key role in your business.

Business partners
Grouping of business partners
Supplier management
Sub-contractor management
Driver management
Docket book assignments
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Locations and Grades Management

TrackIT has powerful tools around managing orders and dockets (loads). Geared towards the forestry industry, the ability to manage where stock is and where it is going, including the types of stock in the field, is critical.

OPIDs (Operating Areas)
Lead Distances

Rate Management

The translation of loads (dockets) to invoices, is all part of the workflow for TrackIT Logistics, so having easy to use areas to manage rates used for invoicing is a ‘must have’.

Journey Rates
Kilometer Rates
Loader rates
Material sale rates
Circuit rates
HPerm rates

Date Management

In order to plan your transport requirements, you need to have accurate information around when things are available. TrackIT Logistics enables this with well thought out resource availability planning tools.

Working dates
Staff timesheets
Staff calendar

Stock Management

In order to plan your transport movements, you need accurate information around what stock is where and when it needs to be at various places. TrackIT Logistics keeps you informed real time with this information, so you can optimise your resource allocations to meet demand.

Stock on landings
Loads ready for uplift
Production planning targets and estimates
Client order management
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Docket Management

Bush Dockets, eDockets, Internal dockets – we’ve seen them all and manage them well. We also have the checks and balances to ensure that your data is accurate at all times, and anomalies are easy to spot.

Docket books and bush dockets
Verification processes
Docket reports
Docket import and export

Fulfillment Planning

With full fleet dispatch capabilities, and visibility for your drivers and staff on who is where, and when, TrackIT Logistics puts you in charge, with all the data you need at your fingertips.

Uplift planning
Truck and fleet scheduling
Truck plan report
Requested uplifts
Transport scheduling
Loads for the day per client

Verification Processes

As you interact with third parties, from ports to weighbridges, to interfacing with how clients wish to see docket information presented, TrackIT Logistics provides tools to assist with import and export of data, and verification of that data along the way.

JAS load information import and checking
Preparation of dockets to send to clients, and tracking of sent dockets
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Trucks Application

Your drivers are the key to the success of the business, so the TrackIT Logistics trucks application gives them personalised information so they can plan their day, and provide all of the tools so that everyone is informed and dockets get to the right places with the right information attached.

Fast authentication using RFID sign-on tags
Guided Prestart checks
Loads for the day tracking
Guided docket/load processing
Packet image capture
Weighbridge data capture
Fully offline capable
Realtime data sync